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It’s time for humanity to believe in Steven (X)

Steven Universe mid-season two-part special - “Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem” is airing next week, on Thursday at 6:30/5:30c.



why  :c

This is perfection.


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Bill lasted 3 minutes


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remember, greed and pride2 broke into heaven and pride2 fought with michael and then greed grabbed pride and ran off, michael's wounded and uriel appears, late and staring at the dying archangel in horror

oH yeah ok thanks for the recap!!

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Gravity falls = tonns of inspiration 

sooo i made smth like a fantheme for Bill

I remember that! You were confused as to how Uriel was able to disguise himself by just hiding a sword. I wouldn't say the sword bit is dated. To go into detail on how Uriel hid himself in that fic would have disrupted the mood. The details of how weren't all that important back when all that mattered is that he was hidden. (Uriel also grabbed his sword before going to Michael, in case there was any suspicion that a fatally wounded Michael would be able to recognize a well disguised Uriel.)

you may not think its dated but purp says it is so

(on that note hhhhh„ uh i forgot when that happened?? urgh i remember that part where he revives in front of uri, but not the events that lead up to it)


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the real question is how do theatres portay the war machines

would they portray them at all?? would they be the butt of a joke or like the equivalent of playing ‘tree #3’ but w more movement??


because there is never just one otp
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but in all seriousness, the actors would probs need to have nerves of steel when performing in front of a large audience

so whats an extra pair of eyes to them (even if said eyes belong to a high-ranked archangel)


sweet sweet mourning tree man


sweet sweet mourning tree man